• ChicagoGate Update: Peter Cetera Threatens To Walk

    Nobody expected the most intriguing story going into this year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony to be the internal dynamics of the band Chicago, and yet that's where we are. Upon learning that his band would be part of this year's induction class, co-founder Peter Lamm hinted that…

  • Rihanna, the RIAA, and making a platinum record in 2016

    The road to a revised all-in-one metric has been bumpy at best, and this week the RIAA has enacted a huge change in an attempt to keep up with the definition of what a hit record is. Jamieson Cox: Micah, there's never been a more confusing time to watch the music charts.

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  • Video Premiere: Lewis Watson Debuts ‘Maybe We’re Home’

    English singer-songwriter Lewis Watson Lewis has a massive, young, and highly engaged fanbase which he grew initially from doing cover videos on YouTube that went viral.

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  • DIIV's Is the Is Are is drowsy, disconcerting dream-pop

    Listen to one song on Is the Is Are, the mammoth new album from Brooklyn quintet DIIV, and it’ll seem revelatory. It’s a consequence of frontman Zachary Cole Smith’s devotion to a specific, smothering sound: heavy-lidded bass lines, chiming guitar leads layered on top of each other like blankets,…

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  • Lumineers Announce New LP 'Cleopatra,' Debut Song 'Ophelia'

    Colorado folk-rock band the Lumineers have announced their second album, Cleopatra . The LP, the follow-up to their Grammy-nominated 2013 self-titled album, will be released on April 8th. The Lumineers also previewed the forthcoming Cleopatra with their first new song in four years, "Ophelia." …

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  • Sheer Mag – “Can’t Stop Fighting”

    Sheer Mag made waves with their first two EPs, and now the gritty, classic rock-indebted Philly band are back with another new song, "Can't Stop Fighting." Presumably the precursor to an upcoming release, the song uses Christina Halladay's authoritative voice in the same way all the rest of the…

  • See Miranda Lambert Sing Barbara Mandrell's 'I Was Country'

    When Miranda Lambert played an unplugged show at Nashville's City Winery last month, she was joined by nearly a dozen of her musical friends, including Maren Morris, Ashley Monroe, songwriters Nicolle Galyon, Brent Cobb and Shane McAnally, and Lambert's longtime bandmate Scotty Wray . While the…

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  • Ninja Gaiden composer Keiji Yamagishi on the enduring appeal of chiptunes

    Keiji Yamagishi has been making iconic and beloved music since the 1980s — but it wasn’t until last year that he released his very first solo album. The composer of classic games like Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo Bowl, Yamagishi stepped away from video game music as the soundtracks became more film-like,…

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  • Stone Temple Pilots Will Officially Search for a New Singer

    According to some sleuthing by the folks over at Alternative Nation, Stone Temple Pilots will soon announce the search for a new lead singer. Following the death of former STP frontman Scott Weiland and the November 2015 departure of his touring replacement, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, the…

  • Band Perry on Denver Broncos, Lady Gaga and Grammys

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Returning to perform ahead of the Super Bowl is good and (sort of) bad for country trio The Band Perry, who last performed around the 2014 game.

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    Singing Without Sound: This Musician Uses Vibrations In The Ground To Sing

    Mandy Harvey is a singer-songwriter working on her fourth album. She was studying music in college when she lost her hearing. She sings by feeling vibrations in the floor, and by using the muscle memory of her vocal cords to sing notes.

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  • Kanye West Says Robert Kardashian Helped with New Album: My Late Father-in-Law Is 'Still Doing Deals for Controversial Black People'

    Kanye West describes his new album as a "dream that can't happen without God." "I'm only doing two percent of the work," West, 38, explained to radio host Big Boy on Real 92.3 Thursday morning. "God is doing the rest of the work." He also gave credit to his late mother Donda West and…

  • Maurice White, visionary founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, dies at 74

    Maurice White, the iconic drummer, singer, bandleader, and founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, has died. The legendary musician passed away in his sleep last night at the age of 74, according to his brother and fellow band member Verdine. White had been battling Parkinson’s disease since the 1980s,…

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  • Watch Dre's latest hip-hop phenom rock a drum solo in his TV debut

    Up-and-coming hip-hop star Anderson .Paak appeared on The Late Show With Steven Colbert last night, where the rapper/singer/instrumentalist made a powerful television debut. The musician performed with a live band on the show, playing a single-cut version of two songs from his recently-released…

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  • Cold Ontario nights: the creative rebirth of Junior Boys

    What happened?’" Greenspan is nursing a cup of a tea at a table in the back of The Brain, the Hamilton, Ontario bar that’s something like his second home. Greenspan is getting ready to release Big Black Coat, his fifth album as half of electro-pop duo Junior Boys. Instead of leaning on cosmopolitan…

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  • The 5 Best Super Bowl Halftime Performers Ever

    With Super Bowl XLIX and a performance from Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz upon us, it’s time to go to the videotape and determine with scientific accuracy which past halftime were very good, and who was very bad.

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  • High Highs Hit New Heights With ‘Cascades’

    There is a certain pristine perfection to the music of High Highs’ new album  Cascades that simply begs for repeated playings. The Brooklyn-based group—actually a pair of Australians, Jack Milas and Oli Chang—have recorded an outstanding second album filled with lush sonic soundscapes evoking a…

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