The All-American Rejects

  • All Time Low Is on an All-Time High

    When four high school pals from the Towson, Maryland decided to call their band All Time Low back in 2003, they never dreamed of the heights they'd reach a dozen years later.

  • Buzzkill! The Who Threaten to Stop Show Over Pot-Smoking Audience Member

    You’d think that a band formed in the '60s wouldn’t mind a little pot smoke, but The Who’s Roger Daltrey threatened to end a recent concert if the smoking wouldn’t stop.

  • Butch Walker Remembers His Father With Help From Ryan Adams, Bob Mould and Johnny Depp on 'Afraid of Ghosts'

    To say making his latest solo album, Afraid of Ghosts, was therapeutic for Butch Walker is an understatement. A year and a week after his father succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 72, Walker entered PAX AM Studios in Los Angeles, with friend Ryan Adams severing as producer, to cut the most emotional album of his career. The heart of the record centers around Walker coping with his father's death.

  • Quiet Riot Hopes New Documentary, Old Songs Will Help Keep Seats Filled

    “I found that, with time, I was able to put Kevin’s death somewhat more in perspective, and that is still a work in progress. But I also found that I was missing being in Quiet Riot. It’s the one band I have spent more time in than any other musical situation. It’s not just a band to me, it’s not just the music. It’s a part of my life and a part of my history, and a great part of my life and my history, both the good and bad of it.”

  • Vin Diesel Sings Heart-Wrenching Karaoke Cover for Late Paul Walker

    Vin Diesel’s latest karaoke performance took on Tove Lo’s “(Habits) Stay High”. The “Furious 7” star posted his tribute to Paul Walker on his Facebook page along with the caption, “The ever continuing process of healing…all love.”

  • Breaking Benjamin Fights Through the Pain With 'Dark Before Dawn'

    Breaking Benjamin singer/guitarist Benjamin Burnley has seen Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck six times since its release earlier this month. Not only can you hear the influence of Nirvana in Breaking Benjamin's post-grunge sound, but Burnley can relate to the late Nirvana frontman's struggle with a stomach ailment that led him to self-medicate with heroin and ultimately contributed to his suicide. Burnley, too, has been suffering from a number of undiagnosed ailments since 2007, but he has no plans to go out like Cobain.

  • Jay Z's Got 99 Problems, and an Artist Is One of Them

    Jay Z’s got 99 problems and Abramović is one. Back in 2013, the rapper performed his song “Picasso Baby” for six straight hours – a stunt inspired by performance artist Marina Abramović’s everlasting stare-fest, “The Artist is Present."

  • Study Claims Biggest Songs of Past 10 Years Boast Third-Grade Reading Level

    A new study is claiming that over the past 10 years, song lyrics have become dumber.

  • Nico & Vinz Transcend Borders with Uplifting Tunes

    It’s not often that a band from Norway finds success far beyond its borders, but Afro-Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz has hit the Top Five on charts around the world with their uplifting song “Am I Wrong.”

  • Miley Performs Tribute for Late Pet Blowfish, Also Covers Paul Simon, The Turtles

    Dressing up as a unicorn to sing about a dead pet blowfish might sound like one big joke, but Miley Cyrus was serious, performing a teary-eyed tribute to her late underwater pal, Pablow the Blowfish.

  • U2's The Edge Misses the Edge...the Stage's Edge, That Is!

    In what might be the most perfect headline ever: U2’s The Edge fell off the edge of the stage during a concert.

  • Lord Huron Makes an Artful Noise

    For Lord Huron frontman Ben Schneider, his band is about much more than just the music. “I went to college for painting and design and it has always been an interest of mine,” he says. “In [Lord Huron] it’s all part of the same project.”

  • New Kids on the Block Deliver 'The Right Stuff' for Yahoo Live Stream

    Pop quintet New Kids on the Block's "The Main Event" tour stop in Dallas Thursday had the energy of a New Year's Eve celebration. During the Yahoo Live stream in partnership with Live Nation, the band sprayed confetti throughout the entire two-hour set, covered several of the best party records of the last 50 years, and even brought family members on stage.

  • Nirvana Jumps in the Pool for Super-Rare 'Nevermind' Vintage Shots

    Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album has one of the most iconic covers in all of music, and the photographer behind it just unearthed some more super rare poolside shots. But instead of the baby in the water, this time the whole band jumped in, complete with their instruments!

  • Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s 'Pretty Girls' Video Has Arrived

    Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s “Pretty Girls” music video has arrived, and it combines a few of the most popular trends of '80s pop culture: outrageous outfits, glam make-overs and extraterrestrials.

  • Even Under the Best Conditions, Seether Still Dwells in Chaos

    With shows lined up through the summer and an appearance booked for January on the heralded music cruise, Seether will continue promoting its hit album Isolate and Medicate well into 2016. Released July, 2015, the record entered the Billboard album chart at number one and secured top positions on the Rock, Alternative and Hard Rock categories, thanks to the singles “Words as Weapons,” “Same Damn Life” and “Nobody Praying For Me.”

  • New Kids on the Block Get Deep on Boy Band Breakups and Going Commando

    Judging from our hilarious interview with Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood at their rehearsal space in Hollywood, the tour is going to be a blast.

  • Thom Yorke 'Creeps' Onto Unexpected Sex Ed Book Cover

    Over the years, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has been on the cover of tons of magazines, and now he’s covering…an Iranian book about sex education?

  • They Might Be Giants Hope to Build a New Career Arc 25 Years After ‘Flood’

    “So much of our culture right now is people at work looking for a good reason to stop working. They just want to take a break, so they’re grazing on viral videos. I feel like this Dial-a-Song project fits in with that, but hopefully it’s a little more meaningful than that and will have some longevity. And who knows? Maybe some people young people will even discover who we are from this.”

  • Rival Sons: Rock 'N' Roll is Here to Stay

    Since the members of Rival Sons left their homes in Long Beach, California in 2009, the electric rockers have been turning heads with their soulful combination of foot-stompin’ jams and slinky, bluesy grooves. Throw in classic rock-inspired vocals by Jay Buchanan, and you’re left with an outfit that rivals the charisma and songwriting of some of its favorite bands, including Bad Company, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and the Doors.