• Ciara: 'Being a Mom Gave Me More Sexy Confidence'

    And it's not about what I'm wearing, it's just more of an internal feeling. I feel there's something very cool about being able to deliver a child, and being able to work hard to get yourself back to that place before you had that child. It's a rewarding feeling… If anything, I think the sexy gets turned up even more!"

  • David Guetta on Depression, Divorce, and Keeping It Real

    “Now I’m feeling very happy again and it’s kind of good,” he says. “I have this new record, 'Hey Mama,’ and it’s really back to fun and a journey to a young kind of music with Nicki Minaj. I’m coming back to being myself again.”

  • Lily Allen Upholds Kanye West's Honor

    Hating on Kanye West is a common hobby these days, but Lily Allen is doing her part to defend him. The singer was at Glastonbury this past weekend to see the rapper’s controversial Saturday performance and stumbled upon a flag that very eloquently said, “F*** Off Kanye."

  • Charli XCX Calls Latest Album 'Raw' and 'Unapologetic'

    On Sunday, July 5, starting at 5:15 a.m. PT/8:15 a.m. ET, Yahoo Live will live stream Charli XCX and others from the New Look Wireless Festival in London.

  • How G-Eazy Proved His Haters Wrong

    Even though G-Eazy didn't have a record deal at the time he penned "Far Alone," he still had plenty to brag about. Without major label support, he managed to produce quality music, impressive high concept music videos and generate millions of YouTube plays.

  • Grateful Dead's 'Rainbowgate' Cleared Up, Was Not Man-Made

    This past Saturday, at the first show on the Grateful Dead’s reunion tour, a rainbow appeared over Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. While some might figure that’s just what happens when 68,000 Deadheads congregate in one place, Billboard first reported it was a man-made effect.

  • AWOLNATION's Aaron Bruno Talks Hanging With Steve Perry and His Own Journey to Success

    "Steve Perry is just this beautiful human being that is still an amazing, caring musical mind, and to have him in my corner and care is incredible. To have these people that I looked up to as a kid just a phone number or text away is absolutely incredible."

  • Ed Sheeran Shares Stones Selfie

    On Saturday night, Ed Sheeran joined the Rolling Stones in Kansas City to sing “Beast of Burden”. The surprise appearance happened at the last minute, and Ed explained that Mick Jagger called him the day before to see if he’d be interested.

  • Armin Van Buuren Talks 'Another You,' Dada Life Go Bananas Over 'The Voyage' at EDC

    Armin Van Buuren is one of the most acclaimed DJ’s in the world, and he made a bold claim by comparing the rise of dance music to the British Invasion. He told SiriusXM’s Geronimo and Liquid Todd: “What is happening now with dance music is probably what happened when my parents were listening to the Beatles in the 1960s.

  • NBA Draft Inspires Athletes' Dramatic Readings of Drake Lyrics

    Before the ups and downs of last night’s NBA draft, several prospective players united for a different kind of drama – a dramatic reading of Drake lyrics for sports blog Bleacher Report.

  • Courtney Gets No Love From Uber Protestors

    Everyone has a terrible taxi story, but Courtney Love might take the cake. This morning she was held hostage in Paris by French taxi drivers indulging in their country’s favorite pastime: protesting.

  • Betting Site Puts Odds at 2:1 That Kanye Will Be Booed Off Stage at Festival

    When the U.K.’s annual Glastonbury Festival announced Kanye West as a headliner this year, people were outraged. One of them is even trying to force him out with a petition, which currently has over 134,000 signatures.

  • Taylor Swift Accused of Exploiting Photographers: ''Time to Stop Being 'Mean''

    A freelance photographer is accusing Taylor Swift of exploiting his work, due to a restrictive photography contract.

  • EDC Day 3: Calvin Harris, Flosstradamus Keep the Crowds Awake and Dancing

    After two days of consecutive dancing, the hordes of feet stomping EDC Las Vegas dance floors likely ached, but exhaustion had no effect on energy levels on the festival's third and final day. The neon-clad masses were just as energetic as the night prior - and what may have kept spirits up? Surprises that awaited discovery at every corner as well as peak moments of suspense at both main stage and cosmicMEADOW.

  • Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas: 10 Highlights From Day Two

    Following an opening day that showcased the festival’s impressive new stage designs, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas continued to weather hot temperatures on its second day.

  • Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas: 10 Highlights from Day One

    A lot has changed from last year's festival, including a major revamp of eight huge stages.

  • 'Breaking Bad' Star Makes Surprise Appearance at Electric Daisy Carnival

    Night two of the Electric Daisy Carnival took an unexpected turn when Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston suddenly appeared during a set from EDM group Above & Beyond, demanding the audience “Say my name" -- one of his character's most famous lines from the hit show.

  • Day Two of EDC a Showcase for EDM’s Elite

    Visiting EDC is a lot like going on vacation to a new country, it takes a day to get your bearings and understand just how big it is and how much there is to see and do. We’re not exaggerating, there is a carnival, a small town, a cathedral where dance enthusiasts can get married, and this festival has its own helicopter partner and makeshift restaurant with hostess and staff. EDC is its own city, and like any hopping city, EDC came to party on Saturday night. The music was louder, the crowds bigger, the fireworks brighter, and the spectacle grander

  • Sammy Hagar Defends Former Van Halen Bassist, Says "F*** You Eddie Van Halen"

    Sammy Hagar stuck up for former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony after Eddie Van Halen attacked his playing ability.

  • 2015 Warped Tour Launch Turns Up the Intense California Summer Heat

    After performing Cash Cash’s upbeat commercial hit “Take Me Home,” an unusual song to play on the first day of the 2015 Vans Warped Tour, Bebe Rexha said, “Somebody asked me, ‘Do you feel worried to play Warped Tour ‘cause you’re not a punk band?’ And I said, ‘Do you know what punk is?’ It’s a style. Sometimes we all feel left out. We go through the same things, we just express ourselves in different ways.”