• David Hasselhoff Releases Ridiculous 1980s Mash-Up Video 'True Survivor'

    Actor and pop culture superstar David Hasselhoff just released what might be the most '80s-tastic music video ever, and this time and this time only, this sentiment is meant as a compliment.

  • Stella Artois Helps to Solve Global Water Crisis

    1 in 9 women lack access to clean water. By partnering with Water.org, Stella Artois brings it to those in need. www.BuyALadyADrink.com

  • Kanye, Taylor Swift Top 'Influencers' on Annual Time List

    'Time' magazine just revealed their annual list of the "100 Most Influential People" and both Taylor Swift and Kanye West made the cut.

  • Iration Is 'All About Love'

    "What is there that's a more universal theme than love? Not just love between a man and a woman. It's love of your home, love of your family, losing love, finding love, love of a pet. These things that affect and change you."

  • RX Bandits on 'The Wire,' Prog-Rock, and Slash

    "The last person I ever studied on guitar — and this is going to sound pretty silly — is Slash. I started going on YouTube watching Guns N' Roses over the years and learning all the solos."

  • Florence Welch Breaks Foot at Coachella, Show Will Go On

    Looks like Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine is human, rather than machine, after all. During her energetic Coachella set this weekend, the lead singer jumped off stage and broke her foot.

  • Bad Religion Celebrates 35-Year Anniversary With a 'Battle For the Centuries'

    On average, Bad Religion has maintained an arsenal of 50 songs for any given tour. For The Battle of the Centuries, the group significantly ramped up its repertoire and put together a list of 160 songs to choose from. "Every night I want people to go, 'Wow, I didn't even know you knew that song!' Bentley says, then jokes, "'Yeah, we didn't until soundcheck.'"

  • Drake Feels the Love Regarding Coachella Kiss With Madonna

    The biggest news out of Coachella this past weekend wasn’t the music, but an especially “tender” moment between headliner Drake and Madonna. The excessive, oxygen-depriving kiss lasted nearly 10 seconds and after coming up for air, Drake looked not only traumatized – but disgusted.

  • Mumford and Sons Not Digging the 'Tidal' Wave

    Jay Z’s new streaming service Tidal already has an A-list roster of supporters including his wife Beyonce, along with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Deadmaus, Kanye West and many more. But even with all that starpower, there still are some critics; one standout being folk rock band Mumford and Sons.

  • Ed Sheeran Totally Geeks Out Over 'Game of Thrones' Surprise

    “Game of Thrones” fever is at its peak, and with the season 5 premiere right around the corner one of the show’s superfans, Ed Sheeran, got a special gift.

  • James McMurtry Writes What He Sees 'Through the Windshield'

    James McMurtry grew up in a family of storytellers, so it's no surprise that his songs weave compelling, true-to-life tales of people from all walks of life. Whether singing about veteran farmers, fishermen, or slices of life in different parts of the world, the veteran alt-country troubadour employs turns of phrase that illustrate a deep understanding of these characters, despite the fact that McMurtry says he rarely does any formal research on his subjects.

  • Selena to Join Exclusive Posthumous 'Hologram Club'

    Successful artists can expect their music to outlive them, but holograms have given new meaning to the phrase “life after death”. And following in the footsteps of Tupac and Michael Jackson, Mexican-American superstar Selena is the latest to get a high-tech reincarnation.

  • Delta Rae Mixes Family With Fiction on 'After It All'

    For Delta Rae, it's mostly a family affair. The folk-rock band sprung out of Durham, North Carolina with brothers singer/guitarist Ian and singer/keyboardist Eric Hölljes and younger sister singer Brittany Hölljes, as well as non-family members singer Elizabeth Hopkins, drummer Mike McKee and bassist Grant Emerson. Yet, it's that family dynamic that makes the band tick. The Hölljes even named the group after a character is a book written by their mother.

  • Kanye West Raps With Late Mom in Touching Unearthed Video

    It’s probably safe to say that very few moms can rap to a Kanye West song – that is, except for Kanye West’s mom. Old footage has surfaced of a smiling West and his late mother Donda rapping along to his Late Registration track “Hey Mama” – be prepared to grab some tissues, because the video is quite emotional.

  • Sam Smith, Taylor Swift Leaders of 2015 Billboard Music Awards Finalists

    Several of the 2015 Billboard Music Awards finalists were just announced Tuesday morning, and leading the pack are two standouts: one of last year’s breakout stars, and every year’s most dependable award winner.

  • Jack Antonoff of Bleachers and fun. Shares His Favorite Musical Memories

    Strange Desires, the debut album by Jack Antonoff's project known as Bleachers, was one of the most pleasant surprises of 2014. While Antonoff first gained notice with the band Steel Train and later found mainstream success in fun., Bleachers offered a much more personal look into Antonoff's life and musical genius.

  • At the Gates Return From 19-Year Recording Break to Lead Melodic Death Metal Charge

    While countless bands the U.S. playing melodic death metal today, including The Black Dahlia Murder, DevilDriver and Unearth, the movement was born in the early ‘1990s in Gothenburg, Sweden when a group of friends who loved both Iron Maiden and Morbid Angel formed bands that combined the best attributes of both. One of the first to establish themselves was At the Gates, which got together in 1990 and shook the metal community with its 1992 album The Red Sky Is Ours

  • DMX Allegedly Robs Man on Easter Sunday

    DMX is arguably one of the most intimidating and in-your-face rappers out there – he’s someone you probably wouldn’t want to say no to – which might be why police are investigating him for allegedly robbing a man at a Newark gas station.

  • Clean Bandit Creatively Combine Classical Elements with Pop Music

    Clean Bandit have come a long way from their mild-mannered English upbringing. The classically trained U.K.-based quartet formed in 2008 as students at Cambridge University and now find themselves playing California desert festivals, eating Texas barbeque and, strangely enough, hanging out with an '80s porn star in Hollywood.

  • The Maine Thing Is a '90s Influence

    He was born in 1988, so John O'Callaghan, the vocalist for the Maine, was just a kid during the '90s. Yet that didn't stop that decade's music from becoming a major influence on the Tempe, Arizona-based quintet. You can hear it in the grooves of the band's fifth and latest album, American Candy, as well as in the stories that O'Callaghan tells

  • David Bowie to Revisit Iconic Role in 'Lazarus'

    Over the years, David Bowie has constantly re-invented himself -— through both his music and his style -— and has rarely repeated the same thing twice. However, he will soon be re-visiting an early role in an upcoming play.