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10 Things We Learned From Billboard’s Fergie Interview


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Billboard named Fergie "Woman of the Year," which provided the magazine with a great opportunity to grill the Black Eyed Peas singer on her favorite smells and sounds. We kindly condensed the three-page Q&A down to a list of essential facts you need to know:

"My Humps" was a joke people.
"So many songs are just a wink to the audience, but people take them seriously. 'My Humps'? C'mon!"

Despite appearances, Fergie doesn't live the lyrics of "Party People."
"When I first joined the group I tried to keep up, but I'm a girl and I try to be a lady. I just can't go out as much as the boys do. So I leave at a different time and go to the gym and am responsible."

The Peas are the Sigma Chi of pop.
"Touring with the Peas is like touring with a big fraternity. ... The guys go out -- I'm not kidding you -- every night."

Fergie enjoys music we, too, enjoy!
"The electro scene is all over the clubs now: groups like Duck Sauce, Empire of the Sun, even MGMT. But I get inspiration from everywhere. I'll go to the gym and put on old albums -- Guns N' Roses or old Jay-Z."

However there's a flaw in her frontman-ranking abilities...
"There are so many different people that I've emulated vocally. In the rock world -- Sebastian Bach, Vince Neil, Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant. They all had amazing vocal talent."

Her taste in lady singers is both fascinating and hard-knock.
"As far as female vocalists, I love Heart, Joan Jett, Courtney Love, Laura Branigan, Linda Ronstadt, Barbra Streisand -- or going back to when I was a child, Aileen Quinn, the original Annie."

Her fragrance was thisclose to smelling like Italian food.
"They asked me for my favorite smells from childhood. Besides my mom's lasagna, one of the things I thought of was my old rock & roll leather jacket ... So now there's a hint of leather in Outspoken."

Her therapist weighs in on conference calls. How does that make you feel?
"I'm very cut to the chase; that's my personality. I don't like to speak in circles ... So my therapist listens in. Because it's very important to make informed decisions. I can be very impulsive, which is great as an artist but not as a businesswoman."

She hates Auto-Tune just about as much as you do.
"I don't like it to be used on my voice all the time, and Will knows this, because it takes me out of the equation. Of course, we've used it a lot. It's of the time. It's fun to play with. But it's important for me to be able to hear me on the record as well."

Going hip-hop with the Peas gave her confidence to rock with Slash.
"It gave me cojones. I mean, I always had cojones, but it gave me more confidence in areas that I was a little scared to present. Like, now I'm able to do all my rock stuff, but before it was a little scary to me."

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