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2011′s Worst Song Is Now 2011′s Worst Commercial


It's Christmas time again, the season of pretty lights, Santa Claus, and overbearingly annoying and incredibly overplayed TV commercials. Last winter, we were all nearly Pomplamoosed to death, and now we're already being threatened by this ad from Kohl's, featuring the worst song of 2011, Rebecca Black's "Friday." It's not even Thanksgiving yet! In the commercial above, Kohl's transforms Black's much-mocked, paint-by-numbers YouTube music video into a celebration of a midnight Black Friday sale.

While giving those grating Foster the People ads a run for the Worst Commercial of 2011, the Kohl's commercial actually improves on Black's original lyrics, replacing Rebecca's mantra "It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday" with the meta lyric "Black Friday, Black Friday… something that rhymes with Friday." Eight months after Black's overnight sensation act, The Amp figured she'd rejoin her fellow one-hit wonders in obscurity -- her latest video "P.O.I." came and went last week and barely anyone noticed -- but leave it to Kohl's to revive the most unintentionally funny musical moment of the year to promote a midnight sale.

It was inevitable that someone at an ad agency would come up with the bright idea to turn "Friday" into "Black Friday," so bonus points to Kohl's for being first. At least they didn't ruin the Cure and make it "Black Friday, I'm in Love." Luckily, there's only four more days until Black Friday, so this commercial should vanish from the airwaves by Saturday. (It also helps The Amp resides in the Kohl's-less island of Manhattan.)

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