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5 Things We Learned From Billboard’s Blink-182 Cover Story


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Blink-182's comeback disc Neighborhoods is due September 27th, so Billboard decided to ask the reunited Cali pop-punkers some probing questions. In truth, it seems like the band's label got the hardest queries of the bunch (there are many impressive quotes from Interscope honcho Dennis Dennehy in there), but we did manage to gain some insights into Team Blink from the story:

If you think you've had a bad time the past few years, forget it. Blink-182 have been through hell. Hell!
"[The album] is lyrically pretty heavy in a lot of places," bassist/singer Mark Hoppus tells the magazine. "Maybe that's where we are in our heads. We've gone through a lot of stuff over the past few years. We're in a better place because of it all -- but we've gone through some s---."

Blink-182 have been gone so long! (How long was it?)
So long, "the band's previous video was released before YouTube existed."

Tom DeLonge's post-Blink band did a lot better in 2006 than Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker's group.
According to Billboard (quoting Nielsen SoundScan), Hoppus and Barker's +44 sold 274,000 copies of their 2006 debut, When Your Heart Stops Beating, while DeLonge's Angels & Airwaves moved 589,000 copies of their 2006 LP We Don't Need to Whisper.

Tom DeLonge thinks the band should release albums via a social networking platform that just happened to have been launched by... Tom DeLonge!
"Modlife is kind of like if you took a fan club, a record label, and a merchandising company with a multimillion-dollar piece of technology and you handed it to a band for free, and you do a revenue share," DeLonge says. Got that?

The debate over whether a mainstream band is still "punk" rages on.
"They fill arenas and get played on the radio, but they still come from that place," Against Me's Tom Gabel says. "I don't view their success as any different than Green Day's, and if Green Day's still a punk band, then Blink-182 certainly is too."

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