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50 Cent Is Hungover on Energy Drinks


50 Cent has already landed starring roles in a boatload of movies that are either in production or went straight-to-DVD, so why not also appear in an homage to the highest-grossing comedy ever in order to sell energy drinks? Besides, it's not like the rapper can get his own album released and promote that. In this clever send-up of The Hangover, Fiddy and boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Mike Tyson struggle to remember what happened the night before, even though they spiked their beverages with Street King energy shots and not roofies. Judging by 50's entrepreneurial history, everyone will be chugging Street King and dumping their cans of Red Bull any minute now. This is only the first chapter of the rapper's Street King commercials; hopefully the second volume is better than The Hangover: Part II.

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