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50 Cent Really Gunning for a Razzie Award With ‘Setup’ Trailer


Movie trailer or Funny or Die sketch? That's what we ask ourselves whenever 50 Cent drops a preview for one of his (many) upcoming movies from his $200 million production deal with Lionsgate. Last time around it was the unintentionally hilarious football drama Things Fall Apart, and today brings the trailer for Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's heist-and-revenge flick Setup, co-starring Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe. And this one has mid-'90s, late-night HBO written all over it; we're just shocked David Keith or Treat Williams isn't in this.

50 isn't even that great of a rapper to begin with, so it's hard to expect him, unlike Mark Wahlberg or Will Smith, to be any better of an actor. He mumbles through his dialogue here like he mumbled through How to Self-Destruct (to be fair, he was shot in the jaw -- why is this guy onscreen again?). Phillippe continues looking aggravated all the time (see MacGruber, The Lincoln Lawyer). And we're big fans of Willis, but he really needs to start showing some restraint. Between this, Cop Out, and his cameo in that all-star Stallone action movie, it's as if Willis is going out his way to take on roles in inevitably panned films. (Willis is in the upcoming Wes Anderson project, so that should break the losing streak.)

Despite the fact that this movie looks like it was filmed entirely around an abandoned Detroit warehouse, IMDb says Setup was budgeted at $22 million. If it makes a quarter of that, or even gets a theatrical release, we'll be shocked.

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