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50 Cent’s Twitter Helps Penny Stock Earn $50 Million


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The Amp has long championed 50 Cent as the greatest entrepreneur in hip-hop, and the rapper further proved he's a one-man winning Mega Millions ticket by helping a simple penny stock post a $50 million gain, all thanks to Twitter. Business Insider reports that late last week, 50 Cent actively began tweeting about a line of headphones he was endorsing from the company H & H Imports Inc, or HNHI on the stock market. Thanks to 50's tweets, activity on the stock exploded from 5 cents at the start of business on Friday, January 7th to over 35 cents by the end of business yesterday. Using a formula we won't pretend to understand, Yahoo! Finance said that the heavy activity resulted in a $50 million gain for the company.

If 50's agreement is anything like his deal with Vitamin Water or those 3D glasses he invested in, it's safe to assume that a nice chunk of the $50 million will be heading directly into 50 Cent's already bulbous wallets. It's impressive that the rapper's respect in the business game is so astronomical right now that merely tweeting about a company becomes a can't-miss investment opportunity for fans. "I own HNHI stock thoughts on it are my opinion. Talk to financial advisor about it," 50 tweeted yesterday. Who needs CNBC when you have 50 Cent's hilarious Twitter giving you stock tips? Get rich or die tweeting ...

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