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’80s Pop Star Martika Is ‘Officially Coming Back’


Pop stars rarely herald comebacks with acknowledgements that they've been gone long enough to warrant a comeback, but '80s pop star Martika has been out of the spotlight for so many years, she kind of had to say it. "I'm officially coming back with new material," she announced in a new video blog posted on Perez Hiton's site today, mentioning an album is in the works along with a 2012 tour. She did make one tactical error -- she asked fans to join her "Toy Soldier Army," evidently what she's decided to name her fans. Too soon, Martika. And that branch of the pop military doesn't sound like much of a match for the Rihanna Navy.

But, hey, Martika is coming back! If you don't remember her 1989 Number One hit "Toy Soldiers," you did not exchange any friendship bracelets for mixtapes with your camp buddies that year. Eminem sampled the track on 2004's "Like Toy Soldiers," too. Also important to know: Martika was on Kids Incorporated with Fergie.

Why come back now? Why not -- a quick glance at the list of Number One songs from 1989 reveals a ridiculously large number of artists that are still active today, including Poison, the Bangles, Madonna, Bon Jovi, New Kids on the Block, Gloria Estefan, and Janet Jackson.

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