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A Match Made in DGC Heaven: Beck Producing Thurston Moore LP


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For fans of both Sonic Youth and Beck, 2010 could be considered an off year: While Beck contributed plenty of music to soundtracks and Sonic Youth were out on tour, this year marked the first time since 2007, and only the second time since 2003, that neither artist released a new album. Perhaps to make up for the oversight in scheduling, Beck produced the next solo album by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, "Benediction," due out next year, Twenty Four Bit reports. It's a pairing so perfect we're not sure how it hasn't happened already.

The friendship between Sonic Youth and Beck goes way back: Both signed to Geffen/DGC during the label's alternative rock glory days (check out this interview between Moore and Beck from "120 Minutes" in 1994), and since then they've found ways to work together in some capacity. Moore penned an essay for the reissue of Beck's "Odelay," and just last year Beck and Sonic Youth split a Record Store Day 7" single that featured Beck performing Sonic Youth's "Green Light" and SY doing Beck's "Pay No Mind (Snoozer)." Finally, and this probably occurred around the time of the "Benediction" sessions, Moore joined Beck's Record Club to cover Yanni's "Live at Acropolis" in its entirety.

On top of "Benediction," Sonic Youth also has plans to release a live album boasting a 1985 concert, a soundtrack for the French film "Simon Werner a Disparu" and, potentially, their next studio album in 2011. Beck's been more quiet about his plans, but the prolific singer is due to release something next year, hopefully.

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