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After 28 Years, Gene Simmons Finally Weds Shannon Tweed


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After 28 years, two adult children and plenty of drama together, Kiss frontman Gene Simmons wed former Playmate Shannon Tweed in a ceremony broadcast on last night's "Gene Simmons Family Jewels." How did the wild rocker feel about finding himself tied down for the first time in his life? "No idea what I'd been scared about all this time," Simmons mused while talking to his 19-year-old daughter Sophie. "[It was] this stubborn guy thing... it was really stupid." Smiling and nodding, his daughter simply said, "Yup."

Simmons' realization that the woman he's spent 28 years with is, in fact, "The One" (i.e., life partner, not to be confused with Keanu Reeves' character in "The Matrix") was reflected in the no-nonsense, self-skewering wedding vows he wrote. "I always thought I was strong. You made me realize how arrogant, selfish and weak I was," he admitted. "I've never said 'I love you' to anybody, but I love you, Shannon Tweed. With all my heart, for the rest of my life."

Simmons' 21-year-old son Nick was the best man and longtime pal and bandmate Paul Stanley pulled double duty, toasting Simmons as a groomsman and also rocking the wedding reception on guitar from the confines of his dapper tux (sadly, he left his "Starchild" makeup at home). Yes, Kiss (such as it is, since Ace Frehley and Peter Criss have long since been replaced by new members) actually played its lead singer's wedding reception for a spell. Simmons took the stage at his own wedding to musically remind everyone that getting married won't get in the way of his perennial desire to "Rock and Roll All Nite."

Apparently, though, rocking all night has never meant consuming alcohol for Gene. Although his now-wife Shannon was intent on getting him drunk for the first time in his life, Simmons could barely stomach a small bit of champagne. During the cake-and-champagne toast, Simmons spit back his first sip of bubbly, later describing it as "bitter mouthwash" and asking "What is the matter" with people who enjoy an occasional drink.

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