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Akon Banned From Aussie Arena Over One Wise Thing He’s Ever Done Onstage


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Akon has done a few ill-advised things while performing: In April 2007, he engaged in inappropriate, overly enthusiastic sexual dancing with a 14-year-old at a Trinidad concert (he later apologized). In June 2007, he picked up and hurled a 15-year-old fan who he believed threw an object at the stage (he was later sentenced). However, halting a Melbourne, Australia show in 2009 after rival gangs began fighting in the audience seems to have been one of the more intelligent decisions the singer has made.

Still, that somewhat altruistic action is giving Akon trouble right now: he's been blocked from performing alongside Flo Rida, Ciara, and Soulja Boy at the Summerbeatz festival at Australia's Rod Laver Arena on November 25. "What happened at Hisense was a one-time thing," ticked-off promoter Dwayne Cross said, referring to the brawl at the Laver's sister arena. "It could have happened from someone at a Neil Diamond concert having too much to drink." (A fair point!) "Our audiences are 60% female and roughly 50% under-age. The girls want to see these stars. No one wants trouble." (Maybe that's not helping his case so much.)

"I don't want no problems in my concert. I didn't provoke it, I just happened to see it while I was performing and it was getting worse because the security wasn't doing anything," Akon said at the time of the incident (see footage of the melee below). "We don't have fights at any of my concerts, that's the first time it ever happened." Akon was extra concerned about the 2009 incident, because it was his first show back in Oz since his visa was revoked due to concerns over his prior criminal record. "It took me almost two years for Australia to let me back in the country and I'm not going to let them [expletive] up our concert tonight," he reportedly told the crowd.

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