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All That LSD Has Unfortunately Caught Up to Brian Wilson


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Comedian Bill Hicks once said sober people don't create masterpieces like Pet Sounds. The 1966 album and the long-buried Smile came at the cost of Brian Wilson ingesting copious amounts of LSD and becoming a recluse, and repercussions from those two unhealthy activities might force the Beach Boys legend to retire from touring. Now 68, Wilson admitted to the London Daily Standard that he suffers from stage fright and, umm, hallucinations.

The voices in Wilson's head aren't exactly kind. "What the voices say is still pretty much the same, negative things, 'You're going to die,' or, 'You better watch out,' life-threatening kinds of things," Wilson explains. "Performing helps, but I'll still have the voices there when I'm onstage. They're always with me."

That sounds pretty serious; maybe now would be a good time to retire. As much as Wilson loves London -- "London is my favorite city in the whole world," he said -- he recognizes that his September dates at the Royal Albert Hall might be his final shows there in his long and awesome career.

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