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America Officially ‘Likes’ Lil Wayne More Than Oreo’s


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One of the more annoying trends to pop on Facebook during the network's many facelifts is companies, bands, movies, etc. asking you to "Like" them. The other day, we were lured with the promise of free Taco Bell on the condition we "liked" the food chain, thereby making all our friends aware of our otherwise secret love of Taco Bell. Oreo cookies are the latest company to try to convince users to "like" them, this time with a ploy to try to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for most "likes" in a 24-hour span. One hurdle Oreo didn't count on, however, as Lil Wayne.

Four hours after Oreo launched their Guinness attempt, Lil Wayne sent out a similar call to all of the 20 million fans on his Facebook page, asking them to help him set the Guinness record for "likes" in one day. Three hours later, Weezy's tally stands at 364,000 "likes" and counting at press time, while Oreo has collected a measly 78,000 "likes," even with the four-hour head start. So America has spoken, and they "like" Lil Wayne more than a cookie. You know who feels really bad right now? The band who lost a popularity contest to a pickle.

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