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AP Fumbles Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl Headline


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In a journalistic blunder on par with fumbling the opening kickoff at this weekend's Super Bowl, the Associated Press dispatched a story this morning about the Black Eyed Peas and how their Super Bowl performance brings a youthful breath of fresh air after classic rockers dominated the halftime show for the past half-decade. One problem though, is the AP's headline, which currently retrieves no less than 7,500 search results, "Black Eyed Peas anecdote for geriatric halftime." It should be "antidote," a medicine or cure, and not "anecdote," a short and amusing story.

The Amp is not impervious to mistakes -- it took us about a day after the White Stripes' split to realize Jack White's wife is Karen Elson, not Olson -- but this is a major headline screw-up, with wire service gatherers from Philadelphia to Hartford to ESPN to Yahoo! picking up the incorrect headline. Perhaps the writer was rendered temporarily brain dead after listening to "My Humps" too often.

One more fun pre-Super Bowl anecdote to rev you up for the Big Game: Whether you're a Green Bay or a Pittsburgh fan, there's no way you can't like watching Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger drunkenly doing a karaoke rendition of Amp favorite Billy Joel's "The Piano Man" at a Dallas bar. Big Ben later downplayed the whole "drunk before the Super Bowl" scandal, saying it's a team tradition to go out the Tuesday night before Super Sunday. Asked why he chose to sing Joel (and sang quite well, we say), Ben said, "That's a great piano song isn't it? You've got to request that when you're at the piano bar." Maybe nobody would have blinked if he'd done "Allentown." Watch the clip over at Shutdown Corner.

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