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Arcade Fire Send JV Squad to Sing at Wrigley Field


All of the most famous members of Arcade Fire made it onstage at the Grammys to accept their Best Album trophy, to a Spurs practice to hang with NBA star Matt Bonner, and to a Suns game to chill with basketball god Steve Nash. But Win Butler and Régine Chassagne sent their second-string players to Wrigley Field this weekend to participate in the Cubs' traditional singing of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch. (Via Consequence of Sound.)

When you've got an eight-person (minimum!) band, a few faces are bound to stick out -- like the tall, imposing frontman (Win Butler), curly-haired frontwoman (Chassangne), and exuberantly animated, red-haired guitarist (Richard Reed Parry). Will Butler (Win's younger bro and the band's multi-instrumentalist) does grab lots of camera time by banging on things and hopping around like he just spotted a bedbug, and Marika Anthony-Shaw... okay, we'll admit we haven't really seen her up close before, but firmly believe she's kick-ass on that violin. Are they members of the Arcade Fire? Yes, of course. Are they important members of Arcade Fire? Sure. But when you hear the announcer yell, "Grammy Award-winning band, Arcade Fire!" and look up at the booth, you sort of expect to see those other folks, you know, the starters. On the upside: The pair were perky and sang on key, and the drunk girls wearing bunny ears and red shirts that spelled out "Cubs" didn't seem to notice the difference.

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