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Arctic Monkeys’ Album Title Delights David Letterman


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Who isn't delighted by Suck It and See, the name of the Arctic Monkeys' awesome (trust us, we've heard it) fifth album? The Amp enjoyed it so much, we made up our own album cover. And last night, David Letterman rewarded himself after a hard week haggling with Lady Gaga by pronouncing the title, pausing dramatically, and adding, "I'm being told it's their Christmas album."

Letterman likes his hard rock -- he's a famously huge Foo Fighters fan -- and "Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair" explodes into a hefty riff that shows the Sheffield quartet haven't shook off the influence of Josh Homme, who coproduced 2009's Humbug. Alex Turner and Co. kicked it out perfectly. Watch it and see:

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