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Audi Tries to Steal Chrysler’s Mojo With Eminem Rip-Off


No one could have predicted that Eminem would be the best thing to happen to Chrysler Motors since Lee Iacocca. Ever since Eminem's Chrysler commercial aired during the Super Bowl, sales for the struggling Detroit car company have soared. This morning's USA Today reported last month's sales were the auto makers' best since 2008, and Eminem's ad for the new Sebring has helped that model's sales jump 154 percent. Every car company would love to have Eminem as their pitchman. However, Audi is probably going about it the wrong way.

Watch the Audi's A6 Avant commercial above. About 30 seconds in, there's some guitar riffing that sounds a lot like Eminem's 8 Mile hit "Lose Yourself," the same song that's being used to sell Sebrings. It's not "Lose Yourself" though. We saw the commercial the other day and thought it was actually an interpolated version of "Lose Yourself." Honda owns Acura, Toyota owns Lexus, and since we're not mechanics, we thought Audi was maybe owned by Chrysler and given permission to use this version of "Lose Yourself" in commercials. But now it seems like Audi just used a rip-off song.

Do the two songs sound alike? Absolutely. Lawsuit alike? Absolutely. According to Mashable, Eminem's publisher Eight Mile Style has already filed an injunction against Audi at a court in Hamburg, Germany, but probably not before sales of the Audi A6 Avant tripled.

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