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Audi Wisely Settles Copyright Case With Eminem


Remember that Audi commercial that looked and sounded a lot like Eminem's Chrysler commercial? Slim Shady's publishing company 8 Mile Style quickly filed an injunction against Audi, claiming the ad featured a song that was a little too similar to Eminem's "Lose Yourself." Before the case could go to court -- or at least devolve into some Audi vs. Chrysler demolition derby -- the matter has already been dealt with: Audi announced today that they've reached a settlement with 8 Mile Style, plus an agreement to "support the revitalization of Detroit by contributing to selected social projects," the Detroit Free Press reports.

"Audi has tremendous respect for Eminem and his works and likewise for the Imported From Detroit campaign which was created by Chrysler," Audi said in a statement following the settlement. "Certainly Audi would never wish to insult or harm those parties or their fans and customers."

The commercial in question appeared at a Berlin auto show and never aired here in the States, but that didn't stop 8 Mile Style from quickly seeking an injunction against the ad in European courts. Rather than fight it, Audi wisely recognized the similarities between their ad and the Imported From Detroit ads that have helped Chrysler boost sales of their Sebring 154 percent since Eminem's commercial debuted during the Super Bowl. With sales like that, who wouldn't want to rip off that ad?

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