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Avril Lavigne Spooked By Overzealous Fan


Avril Lavigne was settling in atop a piano to sing a cover of Coldplay's "Fix You" in Brazil earlier this week, when an overly enthusiastic fan invaded the stage and ran toward her, arms outstretched. The stage-hopper came up on Lavigne's blind side, which clearly freaked her out -- the singer's very audible shriek comes at the :37 mark in the above video. After a security guard (who ONTD identifies as Lavigne's brother, Matt) whisked away the intruder, Lavigne explained she was "Just getting in the moment there" and started the song anew.

Lavigne's whole trip to South America has actually been quite dramatic. "OMG stuck at airport in Argentina 9hrs waiting w/ band & crew for flight.Can't leave due to volcanic ash," she tweeted last week. "This is the longest I have ever waited or been stuck at an airport in my LIFE. This is crazy." Nah, this fan was crazy. Crazy for you, Avril!

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