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Axl Rose’s Tumultuous South American Trip Continues With Curses and a Slammed Car Door


(Warning: Axl drops some f-bombs at the beginning of the video.)

It might be a long time before Axl Rose brings his Guns N' Roses back to South America. The band is still dealing with the fallout from their October 2nd Rock in Rio headlining performance, when Guns took the stage two hours later than scheduled. When the band finally did pick up their instruments, Rose showed up singing worse and looking beefier than fans were accustomed to. GN'R's two-hour tardiness came right around the 10th anniversary of the last time the band played the Rock in Rio fest... and they were two hours late for that 2001 performance too.

The band next traveled to Chile and Rosario, Argentina, where the above incident took place as Rose was getting dropped off at an airport. A few dozen fans were waiting at the aeropuerto to bid adios to the singer, only to be greeted by Rose screaming at a fellow passenger as he exited his SUV. "Get the f--- away from me, you f------ idiot," Axl yelled, slamming his car door in frustration. Without acknowledging his fans, Rose was quickly ushered away. No word yet about what was upsetting Axl; maybe someone asked if he'd reunite with Slash if Guns N' Roses get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Rose doesn't have the best history when it comes to airports: In 2009, right before Guns N' Roses were set to fly to Southeast Asia to begin what's turned out to be a two-year world tour, Axl got into a fight with paparazzi at LAX. Video of that incident is below. Incredibly, Rose is donning the same jacket at both LAX and the Rosario airport; he's like Ryan Gosling wearing the scorpion coat in Drive.

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