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Basketball Thieves Arcade Fire Hang With Basketball Player Steve Nash


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Arcade Fire first revealed their appreciation for basketball when Win Butler was accused of stealing some guy's ball from a Berkeley rec center in 2007. But as Vulture (via Hipster Runoff) points out, Arcade Fire have been flaunting their love of the game -- and acting a lot like Best Album Grammy winners -- lately. As in, they're been hanging with NBA stars, something Jay-Z does a lot of and most indie rockers do not.

The band was spied chilling with San Antonio Spur Matt Bonner in February, and yesterday Steve Nash tweeted a photo of himself with his arm affectionately tucked around Butler (three other AF members are in the shot, but Win gets the most snuggle time in with the handsome Phoenix Suns star). "I met the amazing Arcade Fire b4 the game last night," Nash wrote. "Great people who brought us luck." Awww. And what's more, this rock star-basketball star lovefest is totally kosher by NBA rules. Jay-Z was not so lucky and had to cough up $50,000 for inappropriately contacting some college hoops stars earlier this month.

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