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Beatles’ Earliest Songs (With Pete Best!) Due in November


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Before they were the Beatles, John, Paul, and George were the Beat Brothers. The Fab Three, then with drummer Pete Best, served as a backing band for a singer named Tony Sheridan during their formative years playing Hamburg clubs. The group recorded an album's worth of music with Sheridan, including the charting single "My Bonnie," and on November 8th, those songs will be released as a deluxe double album called The Beatles With Tony Sheridan: First Recordings, the Telegraph reports. From "Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers" to "the Beatles with Tony Sheridan," those kids from Liverpool have sure come a long way.

The tracks were recorded in 1960 and '61, before the Beat Bros. signed with EMI's Parlaphone and hired former Rory Storm and the Hurricanes drummer Ringo Starr. Sheridan is obviously at the forefront of these tracks, but this compilation will feature a pair of early Beatles compositions: the Lennon-sung "Ain't She Sweet" and Harrison's instrumental "Cry for a Shadow." Also, it'll give Best, the unluckiest man in rock history, a brief return to the spotlight.

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