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Beyonce Locates Andre 3000, Invites Him to ‘Party’


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When Beyoncé revealed the track list for her new album 4, "Party" piqued our interest the most: It's a joint production by Kanye West and Consequence (the masterminds behind the incredible "Chain Heavy") and it features a too-rare verse by Andre 3000. Thankfully, the song lives up to its billing. With a title like "Party," you'd expect another trademark Beyoncé dance track, but the song is actually better suited for an afterparty. It's a slow jam modeled in the style of Dirty Mind-era Prince but channeled through the laptop of Los Angeles funk revivalist Dam-Funk. It's like Kanye West producing an En Vogue song, so we approve. Check it out over at Nah Right because the Web Sheriff is swatting down videos on YouTube.

Some might criticize the sound of "Party" as being too minimalist and Pro Toolsy for Top 40 radio, but it fits the genre well. "Party" is not your typical Beyoncé single, yet it's probably the best of her 4 songs so far -- but maybe that's because we applaud all efforts to extract Andre 3000 from his self-imposed exile. Remember when the concern was that Andre 3000 would trade in his rap career for the acting life? Nowadays, he's rarely doing either one. (After starring in nine Hollywood films between 2005 and 2007, 3K hasn't been on the big screen since 2008's Semi-Pro.) He's done verses for Ke$ha remixes and his OutKast partner Big Boi's solo album in the past year, but unfortunately there's been no signs of life from his promised solo album. "Party" doesn't mark Andre 3000's strongest verse, but we're glad to hear him rapping again regardless.

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