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Beyonce’s ‘Stupid’ Baby Bump Controversy Overshadows Stolen Dance Moves Controversy


Is Beyoncé padding her baby bump? That's the talk of the tabloids following the singer's interview this weekend with Australia's Sunday Night, where Beyoncé's stomach appears to do a brief disappearing act. Incidentally, the controversy began just as the interviewer Ian "Molly" Meldrum's voiceover quipped, "The only thing bigger than Beyoncé right now is her beautiful baby bump." Immediately after that line, at the video's 0:59 mark, Knowles' stomach looks like it deflates as she sat down for the interview. When seated, she seems to give Meldrum a startled look that said "Did you catch that?" before reassuming her poise.

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This moment instantly kicked off rumors that Beyoncé is playing up her pregnancy. No one doubts that the singer is really with child, only that she's maybe padding her gut to be bigger for the cameras. It has gotten to the point where B's publicist has responded to the controversy, telling ABC News that the rumors are "stupid, ridiculous, and false." Unless someone Down Under produces another angle of the incident, a baby bump Zapruder film that proves the belly shrinks, The Amp has to agree with her publicist on this one.

So what if Beyoncé is accentuating her pot belly like Butch Collidge's girlfriend in Pulp Fiction, since this "ridiculous" situation is shielding the singer from an even bigger controversy: The dance moves she plagiarized for the "Countdown" video. As The Amp wrote last week, Beyoncé was accused of stealing steps from Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

Knowles' own choreographer Danielle Polanco has responded to the claim, telling Ace Showbiz (via Dance Track), "Beyoncé and the producers definitely give her (de Keersmaeker) credit. Obviously they didn't just come up with the concept by themselves. But the other stuff that was made up I choreographed so I take credit for what I did. And yes, I taught her what was in the original choreo and tweeked it but I will not take credit for (de Keersmaeker's) brilliant choreo and concept!" That's one controversy down.

Beyoncé's due to give birth to Baby Jigga in February. Until then, expect her to have America's most scrutinized stomach for the next four-or-so months.

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