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Bob Dylan Compared to Cookie Monster, Wyclef Jean


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Once upon a time, The Amp was heading off to see Luna, when our boss made an off-handed remark about frontman Dean Wareham sounding like Kermit the Frog. It took a good three years for us to be able to listen to "Bewitched" without thinking of "The Rainbow Connection." Now it's time to welcome Bob Dylan to the club: According to a Wall Street Journal piece examining the current state of Dylan's career, lately the folk legend has "been sounding like a scatting Cookie Monster." Even though Cookie Monster is the artist behind the woefully underrated "Me Lost Me Cookie in the Disco," this is not high praise.

As a bonus, in a new Guardian interview, Wyclef Jean makes a fairly lofty Bob-related claim: "Fans on Twitter call me the modern-day Fela or Marley or Dylan, you know." That's Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, and Bob Dylan. Of that trio, Jean is the only one with this political strategy, though: "[Putting] a different style of parliament in place, you know, and with different leaders that are put in place with the prime minister and everything to help me govern."


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