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Bob Dylan’s Six-Book Deal Has Us Considering a Kindle Purchase


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When we first read Bob Dylan's "Chronicles, Volume One" in 2004, we could actually hear rock's poet laureate narrating his life story in his raspy, nasal voice (in our head). It was a truly surreal experience that improved what was already a universally acclaimed memoir, and it's going to happen again -- a half-dozen more times -- thanks to a new six-book deal between Dylan and publisher Simon & Schuster, Crain's New York reports. The best news is there will be two more volumes of "Chronicles" (Dylanites are probably celebrating like it's New Year's Eve), but the new deal also includes a collection of Dylan monologues from his Sirius XM show Theme Time Radio Hour.

Dylan reportedly shopped his literary services to a bunch of publishing houses, but because Simon & Schuster claimed to own the rights to the "Chronicles" series, rival publishers feared a potential lawsuit and Dylan just wound up back at S&S. The two more "Chronicles" and the Sirius XM excerpts account for three titles in the six-book deal, so we're left intrigued by what other literary output Dylan might release. A collection or two showcasing all of Dylan's lyrics and a book of Dylan poetry? A coffee table book featuring Dylan's artwork and paintings? Or maybe a reissue of Dylan's 1966 strange fiction novel "Tarantula?"

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