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Britney Spears Finally Makes a Joke Out of Her Career in Awesome ‘I Wanna Go’ Video



We knew Britney Spears was a fan of fine cinema ever since she gave that little speech about wanting to see Spawn in a memorable scene from Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. But in her new video for Femme Fatale's superb third single "I Wanna Go," Spears pays homage to one of the most critically acclaimed hilarious stoner flicks of all time, Half Baked. (That little kiss-off speech to reporters at the top of the clip is straight dialogue from Guillermo Díaz's farewell speech at the burger joint.)

Seriously, stop everything and watch this video right now.

Maybe Team Spears listened to everyone's horrendous feedback about the ridiculously high concept "Hold It Against Me" video and realized placing too much emphasis on choreography in "Till the World Ends" wasn't winning Brit points, either, because "I Wanna Go" relies entirely on Spears' kooky sense of humor and ability to hit her comedic marks, which she does extremely well. Spears was a killer SNL host when she was at the top of her game (Justin Timberlake wasn't the only member of the Mickey Mouse Club with a winning sense of whimsy), but none of her videos has ever really showed off this skill until now.

Spears gloriously mocks her own rep for being a little crazyyyzaayyy, sends up her own cinematic tour de force (check the marquee advertising Crossroads 2: Cross Harder), references Terminator, and ends on a flash of "Thriller." Director Chris Marrs Piliero fills the clip with clever, stylish touches (a reporter jots down his name in a notepad), and finds new ways to come at the "Britney vs. the Paparazzi" angle -- that bit is indeed a little played out ("Everytime," "Piece of Me," etc.) but when your life is spent on the run from pushy photogs, it's probably on your mind.

Above all, Spears looks fantastic, like she actually wants to be doing this, and like she's having a freakin' great time. Nobody can accuse her of sleep-walking her way through pop star Weekend at Bernie's because she's finally the star of the Britney Spears Show again.

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