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Britney Spears’ Second ‘Till the World Ends’ Video Is Superfluous


Britney Spears hasn't officially tweeted about the arrival of the so-called "dance version" of her "Till the World Ends" video, but Australia's the Prophet Blog spotted it this morning and the reviews are in: The video is ... certainly here! Why does this video exist?

Yes, the "new" video keeps "Till the World Ends" in the news cycle another few clicks and tries to silence rumors Spears used a dance double for some of the trickier sequences. But what it really reveals is there were no tricky sequences -- just the enthusiastic arm-waving Brian Friedman is choreographing for Spears these days with no footwork. Tell us, where are you in the Five Stages of Grief? Here's how it went down for us:

Denial: The Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour
Hmm, that's weird, Britney isn't doing too much dancing -- she's mostly being pushed around the stage on set pieces that look like glorified luggage carts. But a tour is a lot of pressure, and Britney is just getting back on her feet.

Anger: The "Hold It Against Me" Video
What. Is. This. We were promised dancing. "This is a dance video," Friedman told MTV. He said she was "killing it now." In all fairness he didn't define "it" (our hopes, dreams, happiness).

Bargaining: The First "Till the World Ends" Video
Hey, now, this isn't so bad! There are "flashes of Britney's former brilliance," we wrote. Spears is making meaningful eye contact again, which is a major milestone! (For babies six weeks old.)

Depression: The Second "Till the World Ends" Video
Today brings sadness. The new video isn't bad, but it reminded us of this scene from Napoleon Dynamite. Is Britney the newest member of the Happy Hands Club?

Acceptance: Not There Yet
Let's just watch the "Me Against the Music" video again, k?

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