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Britney Spears Sees the Stage She’ll Be Non-Dancing on This Summer


In nine days Britney Spears will launch her Femme Fatale tour. And just three days ago, her lawyers said she's not mentally competent to give sworn testimony in court. You know what that means, right!? It's an excellent time to give the pop star a tour of her new stage!

Perez Hilton debuted footage of Spears walking onto her set for the first time with her team of managers, and OMG -- no, really, that's what she said: "Oh my God!" she exclaimed with a look of genuine childlike glee. The set up is massive, featuring a giant circular video screen in the back and a hydraulic riser of some sort in the front. There are lots of seizure-inducing flashing lights, which will come in handy as Spears' team attempts to blind concergoers to the fact that the star they've paid a boatload to see is neither singing nor dancing.

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