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Britney Spears Will Tour With Nicki Minaj? Usher? Joe Jonas?


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Since Enrique Iglesias swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid an epic Clash of the Egos on Britney Spears' upcoming tour to support Femme Fatale, rumor has it she'll be hitting the road with everyone from Joe Jonas to Nicki Minaj -- and since today is April 1st, expect news to surface that she's teaming up with Eddie Vedder and David Bowie, too (did you hear about Bowie's summer tour? Too bad it's taking place in 2012 never). Here's how the rumors rank, from most to least likely:

Nicki Minaj
TMZ reports the Harajuku Barbie is in "serious talks" to join Britney's tour. This is actually quite possible -- Minaj's I Am Music II tour with Lil Wayne wraps April 29th in Vancouver, which gives her plenty of time to prep for the Femme Fatale trek, starting June 17th in Sacramento. Nicki is currently rocking the same size arenas Spears is booked to play, so she wouldn't have to retool her stage setup. And they both have a thing for pink wigs.

DJ Pauly D
The only member of the Jersey Shore cast with a discernible skill is, like Britney, managed by Larry Rudolph, which explains why he DJ'd Spears' "show" last weekend in Las Vegas. The Daily News claims Pauly could hop on a few dates, but not all because he'll have to shoot the fourth season of Jersey Shore in Italy. Seems to us like he'd be done filming with plenty of time to oil up his blow-out for the Spears gig, and so far he's been doing an excellent job towing the team line and acting as Brit's hype man.

Joe Jonas
The Amp has already told you about the heartthrobbiest Jonas brother's intentions to make a dance album, so Zap2It's report that he's considering hooking up with the Britney tour makes sense. He's an experienced performer who's played large venues before, and he's associated with the Disney machine that helped launch Spears' career. He's even working with Danja on his "fun vibe" album -- the producer who resurrected Britney's career on Blackout.

Mr. Raymond hasn't made any comments about wanting to tour with Britney, but Spears has said she'd love to hit the road with the R&B superstar: "I think he's really hot right now," she told MTV, adding touring with him "would be cool" (although the way they edited this quote, she could have said eating ice cream with him "would be cool"). Pros: Usher can take a kick to the face. Cons: He's a little too big to be considered an opener; Spears would have to legitimately share co-headlining status to lure Usher on the road.

Our suggestions, since you didn't ask?

She cowrote the best song on Femme Fatale, "Till the World Ends," and isn't quite ready to take on arenas by herself. Ke$ha's not a big dancer -- her show relies more on sloppy, glittery geekery -- so she wouldn't be directly competing with Brit's routines, and she's got enough megahits to ensure the kids come early.

In a radio interview yesterday, Britney said she's stuck on the Swedish pop star's Body Talk (one of the best albums of 2010, we don't blame her). Robyn's got a big gay following and Spears is out to reclaim her own stake in that community (thus the drag queens and visit to the gay bar in San Francisco last week). Robyn is already opening for Katy Perry, but her last date happens to be June 19th in New Jersey -- so she could either nix the final Perry gig, or join Spears a few days late. She did sing backing vocals on "Piece of Me," after all.

Christina Aguilera
What better way to stick it to everyone who thinks these two are life-long frenemies? Aguilera tweeted at Spears the other day, and Spears tweeted back, and isn't this darling? Aguilera's commitments on the NBC singing competition The Voice start April 26th, so she likely wouldn't have time to prep for an arena tour, but she might have some costumes and choreography left over from that ditched Bionic trek from last summer...

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