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Broken Bells Borrow Hall & Oates’ Bodies for New Video


It's hard to top a music video starring everyone's "Mad Men" crush Christina Hendricks, but Broken Bells' James Mercer and Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton have blown our minds by digitally inserting themselves into Hall & Oates' awesomely '80s "Private Eyes" video for Broken Bells' new clip, "The Ghost Inside." Director Matt McCormick tells Vulture that after listening to the hand claps in both songs, he realized the "structure and tempo [of 'Private Eyes'] was pretty darn close" to "The Ghost Inside," and had the duo's mouths grafted onto the original video in what turns out to be a near-perfection synchronization.

To think, if those hand claps were separated by another microsecond, McCormick might have suggested Broken Bells get synched up with this Lionel Richie clip, which incidentally also features an impressive mustache. Check out the original "Private Eyes" and "The Ghost Inside" videos:

Hall & Oates — "Private Eyes"


Broken Bells — "The Ghost Inside" (Joan Holloway Version)

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