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Bruno Mars Benefits From ‘What Happens in Vegas’ Clause


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In September, Bruno Mars was busted for cocaine possession in Las Vegas after a bathroom attendant at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino complained the singer was "taking a really long time." When confronted by the attendant and a security guard, the 23-year-old singer/songwriter admitted that he "did a foolish thing and has never used drugs before" (which is sort of believable if it was taking him a really long time to figure out how to ingest them). The arrest didn't seem to sully Mars' name -- he still performed at the Grammy nominations concert and on "Saturday Night Live" -- and his good fortune is still going strong.

According to TMZ, Mars' attorneys have struck a deal with the Clark County District Attorney's Office for a "deferred adjudication" in the case -- so if Mars stays out of trouble, completes 200 hours of community service, and undergoes counseling over the next year, the felony will be dismissed and his record will be cleared entirely. In other words, Mars is benefiting from the "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" rule. (Right now, Vince Neil is wondering why his legal team didn't think to invoke that one.)

 Between this and Mars' incredible run on the Hot 100 -- he just jumped back into Number One, topping Britney Spears' hit "Hold It Against Me" -- he's on such a hot streak he should just pick up and head directly to Vegas! Oh wait...

[Photo: LVPD]

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