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Bruno Mars Teaches Grover How to Roller Skate on ‘Sesame Street’


The overflow of cameo appearances from the new 'Muppets' movie has spilled over to its sister program 'Sesame Street', as daytime's most famous neighborhood invited crooner Bruno Mars to share a new song called "Don't Give Up." Mars, who co-wrote Cee Lo's "F--- You," leaves the f-bombs and grenades at home, opting instead to sing a bouncy tune about learning how to catch and keeping balance on roller skates (via Pop Dust). And unlike Katy Perry's controversial duet with Elmo, parents probably won't be e-mailing PBS to complain about Bruno's appearance.

Mars' inspirational "Don't Give Up" is so catchy and uplifting, it's easy to forget that the singer probably shouldn't be on a television show geared toward children in the first place. After all, it was just nine months ago that Mars pleaded guilty to cocaine possession after he was busted with the drug in the bathroom of Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel. Or maybe helping out on Sesame Street is just part of the 200 hours of community service in Mars' sentence.

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