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Check Out Three New Morrissey Songs


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Even though Morrissey has been spending his time writing the War and Peace of rock biographies, the former Smiths singer still cleared out enough room on his schedule to record his next album, the follow-up to 2009's Years of Refusal. Moz's next disc doesn't have an album title or a release date yet (or even a record label), but the BBC still got their hands on three new tracks and debuted them on the radio yesterday. And... they sound like Morrissey songs.

Morrissey's been sticking to a rigid blueprint since the release of 2004's You Are the Quarry, and all three tracks here -- the awesomely titled "Action Is My Middle Name," "The Kid's a Looker," and "People Are the Same Everywhere" -- are pretty much what we've come to expect from him in the past decade. The songs won't bring Morrissey any new fans, and they aren't enough to lure excommunicated members back to the Cult of the Smiths, but for those who stuck with Morrissey all these years, it's a rewarding listen as usual.

Check 'em out (via Consequence of Sound):

"Action is My Middle Name"

"People Are the Same Everywhere"

"The Kid's a Looker"

[Photo: Marco Prosch/Getty Images]

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