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Chris Cornell Can’t Find a Better Pearl Jam Song to Cover


Chris Cornell has already proved he's capable of filling in for Zack de la Rocha in Rage Against the Machine 2.0 and some folks think he'd be a fine replacement for Scott Weiland in Guns N' Roses 6.0. And now we know if Eddie Vedder decides to pursue ukulele studies full time, the Soundgarden frontman could pick up a little side work with Pearl Jam.

Antiquiet has posted footage of Cornell covering PJ's 1994 song "Better Man" in Edmonton, Alberta, last night, and it's good! Well, good for "Better Man," a Pearl Jam song that isn't covered that often, probably because it's not one of their absolute best. (The Amp's Daniel Kreps might describe it as the Backspacer cover art of Pearl Jam songs.) But if you enjoy Cornell and Vedder's baritones mingling on Temple of the Dog's iconic single "Hunger Strike," the film Singles, things that come from Seattle, and the mid-'90s, you will likely be pleased with Cornell's acoustic rendition.

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