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Chris Martin Is Not Alleviating Coldplay’s Wussy Reputation


Coldplay's perceived softness is well documented, and presumably irks the band just a little bit -- they did spend their Viva la Vida tour outfitted like Sgt. Pepper's-esque soldiers -- but frontman Chris Martin isn't doing a very good job of making their new album Mylo Xyloto sound like the work of very manly men. He even seems to have admitted he wrote one of its tracks in his daughter's playhouse.

"This is the only song we ever wrote in a doll's house," he told the Sun, referring to "Charlie Brown." "I turned it into a studio because my daughter didn't like it."

While the doll house in question was probably pretty pimped out, that is not the most rock & roll image. In face, that quote led to this photo accompanying the Sun's story. Remember, this guy is friends with Jay-Z:

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[Photo: The Sun]

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