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Code Red Justin Bieber Attack Was Mere ‘Misunderstanding’


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Justin Bieber appeared to have had a Major Incident yesterday outside of Macy's in New York City, where he was reportedly tackled by a crazed older-man fan while promoting his new fragrance Someday. According to local news reports and footage shot from a great distance (a few non-Beliebers stuck a camera outside their window to capture the teenybopper mayhem), it looked like Bieber had been knocked to the ground when he stepped outside the store to greet 500 shrieking fans. But his publicist and TMZ have since cleared up the situation: Bieber wasn't attacked but saved! By a plain-clothes cop!

According to TMZ, the crowd of fans surged when Bieber emerged from the store and cops feared the barricades protecting the 17-year-old singer would give in, so an unidentified officer jumped in to protect Justin, who had no idea this man running at him was law enforcement. A member of Bieber's security detail tried to pull the cop away, and thus the so-called scuffle. "One of his bodyguards failed to follow lawful order [to move]," Bieber's spokesperson told the Hollywood Reporter, and TMZ reports the bodyguard was cited for disorderly conduct. "[Bieber] was not even touched. The only person touched was the bodyguard. This was a momentary, well-intentioned misunderstanding that was quickly resolved. The event went very well." In other words, nothing to see here, folks, please return to worrying about things like Bieber's appearance on Letterman!

Why were cops on hand in the first place? A Bieber event is apparently worthy of police intervention. The AP explained, "Police said Bieber's representatives contacted them to say he wanted to go outside to greet fans. Police set up a small pen where he could do so." Is this really the best use of New York's finest? The Amp is skeptical.

[Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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