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Coldplay Hire U2′s Favorite Director for Webcast


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If there was any question Coldplay were lobbying for the title of "the next U2," those doubts have been erased by the group's latest move. On Viva la Vida, or Death and All His Friends and the upcoming Mylo Xyloto, Chris Martin's crew recruited producer Brian Eno, a longtime U2 collaborator, to join them in the studio. Having covered the aural side of invoking Bono's stadium anthems, the band will now focus on the visual aspect: Anton Corbijn, U2's favorite director, has been hired to helm Colplay's October 26th American Express Unstaged live webcast. The next step for Martin is tracking down the Edge's personal chef.

Corbijn has a long history with U2: He's directed four of their music videos (including "One" and "Electrical Storm"), filmed their No Line on the Horizon supplemental movie Linear, released the book U2 & I, and photographed their iconic Joshua Tree cover. Corbijn has been dubbed the band's creative director, so it's no shock that Coldplay has sought his services.

"Anton Corbijn has been a big hero to us for a long, long time so we're thrilled to be beaming this concert out to the world through his lens," Chris Martin said in a statement. Coldplay's webcast performance will take place at Madrid's Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas on October 26th, the day after Mylo Xyloto is released, on the band's Vevo page.

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