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Coldplay Talk U2 Rivalry, Radiohead Comparisons on ‘Colbert’


How does The Colbert Report follow up an hour of Radiohead? With 10 minutes of Coldplay! With the band's new disc Mylo Xyloto arriving next week, Chris Martin and crew stopped by Stephen Colbert's show to discuss and play songs from the strangely titled album. The band has faced comparisons to Radiohead -- who visited the show last month -- ever since Coldplay released Parachutes back in 2000, and to his credit Martin has always been humble in his answers; during one Viva la Vida interview, Martin admitted he'd chop off his left hand if it meant writing an album like OK Computer. "We are not as good musically, but much more attractive," he said last night of his British counterparts.

Colbert also asked if Coldplay has a rivalry with U2, a group that should be watching their throne whenever Martin is around. "No, no. But my voice went up, so yeah," the singer replied. When asked which of the two stadium fillers would become "the global band of the future," Martin fired back, "The Jonas Brothers." (He's apparently unaware the no one buys Jonas albums anymore.) Even if you're not a fan of Coldplay's music, there's no denying that Martin seems like a genuinely cool, funny guy.

Coldplay also (reluctantly) performed two tracks from Mylo Xyloto, which either means "Miley Cyrus in Greek" (according to Colbert) or "randomness of the universe" (according to a self-described "17-percent-high" Martin):


"Up In Flames"
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