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Could Bruce Springsteen Be the Elected Boss of New Jersey?


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There's a group of New Yorkers who think Alec Baldwin would make an excellent next mayor of the Big Apple (hey, he's done a heck of a job running a cable network and small appliance empire, hasn't he?). And then there is a faction of New Jerseyites who very, very unsurprisingly think Bruce Springsteen should be running their state. As governor.

A new survey conducted by Public Policy Polling (via the Daily News) asked 480 New Jersey voters 17 questions, including, "If the candidates for Governor in 2013 were Republican Chris Christie and Democrat Bruce Springsteen, who would you vote for?" First of all, Springsteen isn't necessarily a Democrat (he could run as an Independent). Second of all, seriously? Yet 42 percent of respondents picked the Boss, the same percentage that selected Christie in that matchup (15 percent remained "Undecided," or perhaps "Still bitter about the Human Touch/Lucky Town era"). When asked, "Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Bruce Springsteen?" 50 percent replied "favorable," the highest approval rating of any of the potential candidates included in the poll.

So what do we know about Bruce's qualifications for the job? He was definitely born in the U.S.A., he meets the state's residency requirement, he supported John Kerry and Barack Obama, he's not big on Ticketmaster, he supports gay marriage, he's concerned about tax cuts hurting the middle class, he worries about the environment, and he's not a big fan of Chris Christie. Christie, however, is a pretty big fan of the Boss (he attended 122 of Springsteen's shows as of 2009).

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