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David Arquette Learns Not to Photograph Prince the Hard Way


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Are no celebrities safe from the vicious wrath of Prince? First, Kim Kardashian got kicked off his stage for being a bad dancer, then Whitney Houston got banned (and quickly un-banned) from his shows for erratic behavior. Now actor David Arquette has been ejected from a recent Prince concert in Los Angeles -- not because Scream 4 was terrible, but because he came to the aid of someone taking cell phone pictures of Prince during the performance.

Arquette says he was sitting next to "a kid" who kept snapping pictures of Prince during one of his Welcome 2 America shows. We caught Prince at Madison Square Garden, and we're just as guilty as taking cell phone pictures as anyone. However, something about this young amateur photographer rubbed security the wrong way. "Security came to take this kid away and they said, 'You gotta get rid of all those pictures on your phone,'" Arquette said (via Spinner). "I said, 'Prince just said we could take the pictures.' And so I got kicked out of the Prince show." See, Arquette was just being a good Samaritan.

However, there are some holes in Arquette's argument, namely his assertion that Prince authorized photography at his show, something the Purple One has almost definitely never done. Prince has gone to great lengths to erase all videos and photographs of him from the Internet, even hiring the Web Sheriff. While he's calmed down about that stance -- getting all Prince photos and videos off the 'net proved to be too insurmountable -- we can't envision a situation where Prince invited people to take photos of him. So another valuable lesson has been learned: Don't photograph Prince at shows, and definitely don't jump to the defense of people photographing Prince.

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