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David Lynch Is in the Pearl Jam Movie!



We're on Seattle overload today! First, Nirvana's Nevermind reissue details arrived and now the official trailer for Cameron Crowe's Pearl Jam Twenty documentary is here. The Pearl Jam/Nirvana rivalry lives on. The doc's premiere date is September 10th at the Toronto International Film Festival. (Ontario will be rocking at TIFF this year as U2 and Madonna are also debuting movies at the fest.) PJ20 will head to "select markets" for one-night-only theater showings on September 20th, then a week-long stay in other unspecified markets starting September 23rd. But all that's minor info compared to this nugget: David Lynch is in it!

That's the mousy-voiced director interviewing Eddie Vedder above, and we're not sure if Vedder's reluctance to answer is because he's contemplating a response or because he's stunned into silence because he's being interviewed by David Lynch. Maybe a combination of the two. The trailer, like the previous clip of the film that showed the band's last day as Mookie Blaylock, depicts a side of the band that's seldom seen. There's a good reason for that -- PJ20 was "culled from more than 1,200 hours of rarely and never-before-seen footage, over 24 hours of recent interviews with the band, as well as live footage of their spellbinding concert performances."

"We put so much into the film -- moments, pieces of footage shot by band members, audio snippets, visual bursts, new and old interviews -- many different formats, all meant to present an emotional scrapbook of what it felt like to be a member of the band on this 20-year journey," Cameron Crowe said in a statement. "The richness of the footage made our path very clear -- just tell the story of the band and let the music guide us."

After its theatrical run, PJ20 will make its television debut on October 21st as part of PBS' "American Masters" series. A DVD release will follow October 25th. Pearl Jam Twenty will also be accompanied by a book on September 13th and a soundtrack that serves as a "true companion piece to the film" on September 20th. Pre-order both at the PJ20 site. Between this, the nine-pound reissues, and tickets to the band's 20th anniversary festival in Wisconsin, there's lots of stuff to buy for Pearl Jam fans this fall. Start saving.

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