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Dear Diddy, Are You Feeling Okay?


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The Amp was a bit harsh on Diddy's (keeping it real: awful) recent appearance on "Saturday Night Live," but maybe we should have been more compassionate. Based on his most recent work, Diddy may be trying to send us all a message. This is clearly a man in crisis.

Over the weekend, Diddy appeared in "The Chris Gethard Show," a 30-year-old comic's midnight showcase at Manhattan's low-key Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. UCB shows regularly feature cameos by "SNL" stars (and comedians before they become "SNL" stars, like Amy Poehler), and Gethard isn't a total unknown (he recently starred in Comedy Central's "Big Lake"), but the theater is in the basement of a grimy supermarket building, the audience is usually filled with comedy nerds, and Diddy is ... Diddy.

For a year, Gethard lobbied for the hip-hop mogul to guest in his show, then he tracked down the superstar in person backstage at "SNL" and locked in a personal guarantee (see video, below). According to the New York Times, Diddy wrapped his late Saturday night appearance by giving the comic gifts including "Tic Tacs, cologne, lip balm, three strippers, a wad of cash (almost certainly fake) and a handgun (hopefully fake, too)."

Diddy also recently pretended to be attracted to Robert De Niro in drag, put out a weirdly artsy album with his new oddly named group Diddy-Dirty Money, started tweeting in French, and saw a model's hair catch fire at his LP release party. Is Diddy not ready to face the fact that his former flame Jennifer Lopez got the "American Idol" gig he was coveting? Concerned about the impending premiere of his former Danity Kane star Aubrey O'Day's reality show? Whatever it is, Diddy, we can work through this together. Appelez-nous!

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