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Detroit Doesn’t Want Nickelback Performing at the Lions Game


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Detroit Rock City is not too happy about the NFL's decision to hand halftime of the annual Thanksgiving Day game to Nickelback. Just hours after it was announced that the much-loathed band would perform midway through the Lions' battle with the Packers, Motor City denizens have already drawn up a petition protesting Nickelback's presence. Detroit is the town that's responsible for Kid Rock -- and a lot of good music, like Motown, Eminem, and White Stripes -- and even they recognize how terrible Nickelback is. At press time, the petition has collected over 4,000 "signatures," and that number is quickly ballooning.

The people of Detroit are demanding that the NFL find someone else, anyone else, to perform during the Thanksgiving game. "This game is nationally televised, do we really want the rest of the US to associate Detroit with Nickelback," the Replace Nickelback organizers wrote at "Detroit is home to so many great musicians and they chose Nickelback?!?!?! Does anyone even like Nickelback? Is this some sort of ploy to get people to leave their seats during halftime to spend money on alcoholic beverages and concessions? This is completely unfair to those of us who purchased tickets to the game." This protest is Unoccupy Ford Field, and Nickelback is that 1% of music no Lions fans want to listen to.

Deadspin points out
that this isn't the first time a fan base have raged against Nickelback performing at a sporting event: The band was supposed to perform at the Winnipeg Jets' first game in September, but that gig was cancelled after thousands of hockey fans complained. It's unclear whether that Nickelback show was protested because the band sucks, or if Winnipeg fans opposed to having a group from Alberta perform at their team's first game (Winnipeg is in Manitoba, and NHL provincial rivalries run deep. Just ask fans of Alberta's Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers.) While Nickelback got booed out of Winnipeg, the city had nothing but love for Pearl Jam.

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