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Do You Enjoy the Theme Song for ‘Mob Wives’?


The track is Rock Mafia's "The Big Bang," and we have a sneaking suspicion producers picked it as Mob Wives' theme because the group has the word "mafia" in its name. Synergy!

The Rock Mafia actually aren't really a group -- they're the songwriting/production team responsible for the insanely great Miley Cyrus song "See You Again." Note: One can despise Miley Cyrus and still enjoy this song, it is that good. You may also recognize Tim James and Antonina Armato from the current season of American Idol, as they've served as in-house producers who worked with Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina, and recently ousted James Durbin.

Cyrus actually stars in the video for the soulful, swaggering "The Big Bang," which arrived in November 2010 with a bit of a bang because Cyrus had a mature (ahem) role in the clip. And if you're not watching VH1's Mob Wives on Sunday nights, you are missing out on some prime crazy and the chance to hear this awesome song Amy Winehouse should probably be singing between commercial breaks.

Also, just watch this:


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