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Download My Morning Jacket’s Really Long New Song ‘Circuital’


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As promised, My Morning Jacket wrapped up six weeks of free downloads today by premiering the title track from their upcoming album Circuital. We're reluctant to call "Circuital" the first single since the track clocks in at a whopping seven minutes and 16 seconds, but the long musical landscape sets the tone for what fans can expect when the rest of the band's sixth album arrives May 31st.

Like Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" and Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" before it, "Circuital" is a multi-suite song that constantly evolves. One of our biggest gripes about MMJ's last album Evil Urges was that it was too varied, that the group was too busy emulating Prince, roots rockers, and AM Gold rather than being the band that captivated us during their legendary Bonnaroo late night shows. So it's with some relief we can report that "Circuital" sounds similar to Z, MMJ's best album,  especially in the first and last movements. In between, there's a heavy Fleet Foxes influence, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Circuital is available now for pre-order over at the MMJ site in a large variety of formats -- the neon green vinyl is especially cool -- and the group is also offering fans an opportunity to sign up for their "Roll Call" fan club. That deal includes pre-sale tickets, priority seating at concerts, exclusive music, etc. Definitely worth the extra $30 for MMJ fans.

Download "Circuital" at the MMJ official site.

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