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Dr. Dre Disappoints a Nation of Stoners By Failing to Drop ‘Detox’ on 4/20


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According to Yahoo! News, April 20th is "National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day, Lima Bean Respect Day and Look Alike Day." It's also 4/20, the national marijuana holiday that's like a greener version of St. Patrick's Day on most college campuses, and Detox Day, the day Dr. Dre promised his long-in-the-works comeback album would finally arrive. "Four-twenty baby, it's coming," Dre swore in a January interview. Fans eager to wake-and-bake to Dre's first album in 12 years probably aren't too surprised to hear that despite Dre's announcement of a 4/20 release, Detox will not be coming out today. Frankly, after seven years of delays -- it was originally scheduled for a 2004 release! -- we'd be surprised if it ever gets released. At this point, Detox is pretty much Dre's vessel of relevancy as he promotes things like headphones and Dr Pepper, and he uses the myth of the album like celebrities treat going through customs at LAX: as a photo op.

There is some good April 20th news in the world of Dre, though. The unofficial national anthem of 4/20 is probably Dr. Dre's 1992 epic The Chronic, and a federal judge ruled yesterday that Dre has been criminally underpaid royalties by his old label Death Row Records from the digital sale of the album. Billboard reports Dre is now entitled to 100 percent of all digital royalties whenever The Chronic is legally downloaded. So celebrate 4/20 with the greatest G-funk rap album of them all and help the Doctor fund the completion of Detox and its never-ending drama. Happy Lima Bean Respect Day!

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